Christy Marks - Dare To Stare

by Christy Marks on Sep 19, 2011


"The thing about me is that I love to show my boobies as much as studs like to look like at them." That's why we all love Christy. Not only is this lustful slut stacked, but she's an exhibitionist, too. this slut knows that boobies like hers were meant to be shown. Just imagine what a waste it would be to keep those puppies hidden under layers of clothing. Concealing such an epic cleaveage could almost be considered a crime. But all lustful justification aside, releasing her rack is also a practical thing for Christy to do. Bra shopping is already a mission for her, and her boobies stretch the fabric of anything this lustful slut can manage to pull over them. So why not just let them hang free? When Christy unloads her hangers, this lustful slut doesn't know what this lustful slut likes more, the cool air on her bare boobies or the hardening pricks all around her.