Double pornstar trouble!

by Share My Cock on Oct 2, 2011


When two porn stars are crushing on the same guy what do they do? Fight over it? No way! They invite him over to see what he's packin' and decide to share the cock! Lexi went first and slowly licked around the head of his penis like this raunchy slut was tasting an ice cream cone. But Lexi wasn't a greedy girl. this bitch let Mikayla get a taste of his meatsicle while this raunchy slut watched and played with her slit. Yes studs. ..Lexi Belle still has the prettiest set of puffy slit lips that I've ever seen! Since Lexi got first lick Mikayla got first taste. He squirted right into her mouth but instead of gobbling it all down this raunchy slut swapped the gummy goo load with her best friend Lexi. That's what friends are for!I've got a crush on Mikayla and Lexi Belle!*Monique*